Linux Mint Debian Edition

If you’ve read my About page, you’ll know that I’m a big fan of Debian- / Ubuntu-derived distros and also of rolling release distros. So the latest offering from Linux Mint is right up my street – a Debian Testing-based, rolling release distro, called Linux Mint Debian Edition.

OK, so it’s Gnome only at the moment, but it certainly seems promising. Will I drop Xubuntu for it? Probably not right now, but I’ll certainly keep an eye on it – it has a big plus point in that it’s rolling release, so no more waiting 6 months for new versions of software and no more upgrade vs reinstall debates (for what it’s worth, I’m firmly on the upgrade side of that one). Things might be a bit less stable, but at least the fixes should be just as quick in getting out there.

As for the down sides, Debian isn’t as nice to look at (in my opinion) compared to (X)Ubuntu and, from what I’ve read, isn’t as out-of-the-box friendly as it either. I might have a play with the Gnome edition (if I can get it to boot in a virtual machine, which I couldn’t last time I tried) and see if I can get Xfce installed and prettied up, but I doubt it will be on my desktop or netbook full time.

So what does anyone else think – is this the “next big thing” or a “here today, gone tomorrow” fad?

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