Wow, you leave your blog out there in the big ol’ www for a few months to fend for itsslf and when you check back in on it, it’s full of spam! 1158 spam comments to be precise. So much for the WP Captcha Free plugin, that claims to “Block comment spam without captcha”. Don’t think you did too well here, eh? Guess I’ll give Akismet a try, see how they do.

Still, at least it’s got me back into blogging. Things have been crazily busy for me at work these past few months, with a big secondment project coinciding with my boss getting a new job and me having to pick up his work too. At least I got a pay-rise and a promotion out of it :-).

So, what’s new with me? Well, as I just mentioned, I’ve been promoted at work, we found a buyer for our house (finally!) and we’ve put an offer in on a new house, so things look like they’ll be staying busy for a while yet. I am, however, determined to keep up with the blogging a bit more regularly.

I’ve also joined the Xubuntu Community to help out with the release of Xubuntu 11.04, a.k.a. Natty Narwhal, helping out by reviewing the documentation, running the latest versions in VirtualBox and generally offering my opinions.

That’s about it for now – I promise not to leave it so long before I’m back!!

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